Communication Studies Concentration

Given the importance of communication in all facets of life, almost anything you want to do can be done better with a detailed understanding of communication. That makes the Communication Studies Concentration an outstanding choice for students with a wide variety of interests and skills. The concentration provides a detailed understanding of the elements  necessary to analyze and improve communication, helping us to prepare effective leaders, performers, and citizens.

In recognition of the variety of interests in communication, the concentration maximizes flexibility while maintaining a focus on analyzing communication. Students completing the Communication Studies concentration will also have the knowledge and ability to:

  • Identify and apply communication theories to explain how public messages or performances achieve their results
  • Write effective interpretations and critiques of messages or performances.

Students in the Communication Studies Concentration are required to complete 27 hours within the concentration, 21 of which must be at the 300/400 level. There are three required  elements (research/writing, theory, and capstone) and four electives.

2017-19 Communication Studies Concentration Course Checklist