Internships are an excellent way to discover how to use your communications training in a work setting. An internship is similar to student teaching in education. Students are supervised, and will have responsibility for a major project identified by the Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts and the cooperating organization.

Internships are open to communication majors with senior standing, and a 2.5 overall GPA. Internships are graded pass/fail, and while you can earn up to six credit hours for an internship, only three credit hours can be applied toward the completion of the major, i.e., as one of your elective upper level courses.

Packets fully explaining the internship program are available in the department secretary’s office. Please feel free to ask for them at any time.

Internships are highly encouraged. More than 50 percent of majors choose to do an internship, and Cleveland is an excellent market for opportunities in various communication fields. The Russert Department has a well established network of contacts to help you secure an internship. The department has worked with over 150 different agencies!

Many communication careers stress practical experience to supplement academic work, and an internship is an excellent way to gain hands-on work. Internships are available in each of the departmental areas such as public relations, television and radio, human resources, sales, journalism, theatre and related areas.

Students often take internships during the summer after their junior year or during one of the semesters of their senior year, but plan ahead so you can properly fulfill the requirements for an internship. Contact Sara Stashower at