If, after reading through this section you have any other questions about our programs, feel free to contact us.

Can I take communications courses at another college and transfer them into the CO Major here at JCU? Yes, up to 12 credits can be transferred into the major, but check with the department chairperson because some specific CO courses must be taken at JCU. And required courses must be comparable to courses taken anywhere else.

What is the CO Awards Reception all about?
The CO Awards Reception is held each spring semester, and serves two purposes: first, as a CO student it gives you a chance to socialize with the CO faculty and staff outside the classroom setting, and second, it gives the Department of Communications an opportunity to let our students know who has won the department awards for that year. In addition to the awards previously mentioned, many areas of the department such as the radio station and theatre have other awards which are announced at this time. Even more awards are often given to our graduating Seniors celebrate this annual event. Click here to learn more about Communication Awards available to students.

Are internships required?
No, but they are strongly suggested for the reasons mentioned earlier in this handbook.

What can I do with a CO Degree?
A Communications degree opens the door to many different fields. Many employers say that the ability to communicate well is crucial.

Can I get a work study job in the Department of Communications?
If you qualify, there are several positions available with the department. Students can work in the department office, broadcast archives, TV studio, journalism lab, or theatre for set construction. Check with the department chairperson or the department secretary if you are interested in learning more about work study within the Department of Communications.