Once you have declared CO as your major by filling out the form in the department office, you will be assigned an advisor within the Russert Department of Communication if you do not already have one. The department chairperson will try to align you with a faculty member in your area interest if at all possible. The relationship you develop with your advisor is an important one. Of course, he or she will help you plan your course work and registration each semester, but your advisor can also be a friend and confidant.

When you are making career decisions, looking into internships, trying to improve your study habits, or just trying to chill out, your advisor can be helpful in offering suggestions or at least pointing you in the right direction. If your advisor gets to know you, he or she can also become an important source of a good recommendation for that internship or first job. Registering for classes will require you to see your advisor a few times a year, but more frequent contact is highly recommended.