Full Time Faculty

  • Mary E. Beadle
    Area of expertise: Electronic media
  • Brent G. Brossmann
    Area of expertise: Debate
  • Douglas Bruce
    Area of expertise: Rhetoric, media studies, research methods
  • Carrie Buchanan
    Area of expertise: Journalism
  • Christina DeVoss
    Area of expertise: Branding, Media Writing
  • Margaret Finucane
    Area of expertise: Research Methods and Event Planning
  • Karen Gygli
    Area of expertise: Theatre
  • Trent Kay Maverick
    Area of expertise: Radio Broadcasting, Audio Production
  • Robert Noll
    Area of expertise: Scriptwriting, media sales
  • Sejung Park
    Area of expertise: Social Media Analytics, Social and Semantic Network Analysis, Online PR, and Health & Environmental Campaigns
  • Jacqueline Schmidt
    Area of expertise: Interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication
  • William Weaver
    Area of expertise: Multimedia production; Narrative and storytelling media effects; persuasive messaging, research methods & design


  • Mrs. Lugenia Johnson, M.B.A.
    Administrative Assistant
    E-mail: ljohnson@jcu.edu
  • Mrs. Lisa Lewis, B.A.
    Media Coordinator
    E-mail: llewis@jcu.edu



Part-Time Faculty

Mr. Dan Coyle
E-mail: dcoyle@jcu.edu

Ms. Laiteisha Dobbins
E-mail: ldobbins@jcu.edu

Mr. Paul Floriano
E-mail: pfloriano@jcu.edu

Dr. Martin Friedman
E-mail: martinfriedman98@yahoo.com

Ms. Dale Heinen
E-mail: dheinen@jcu.edu

Dr. Richard Hendrickson
E-mail: rhendrickson@jcu.edu

Ms. Shannon Hoehnen
E-mail: shoehnen@jcu.edu

Ms. Amy Keller
E-mail: akeller@jcu.edu

Ms. Michelle Little
Email: mlittle@jcu.edu

Mr Peter Manos
E-mail: pmanos@jcu.edu

Dr. Dave McClellan
E-mail: dmcclellan@jcu.edu

Dr. Joseph Miller
Email: miller@jcu.edu

Ms Andrea Mitchell
E-maill: amitchell@jcu

Mr. David Petkiewicz
Email: dpetkiewicz@jcu.edu

Ms. Debra Schwartz
Email: dschwartz@jcu.edu

Ms. Margaret (Peggy) Turbett
E-mail: pturbett@jcu.edu

Mr. Jimmy Tyree
E-mail: jtyree@jcu.edu