Northeast Ohio Broadcast Archives (NOBA)

Room 34 of the O’Malley Center, (216) 397-3079

The Northeast Ohio Broadcast Archives were established in 1988 to provide a permanent home for radio, television, and print material related to this geographic area. It currently holds more than 150,000 films, audio and video recordings, and still photographs. Researchers and documentary producers can draw on these resources to enhance the quality of their production work. In recent years, the archives have provided material to CNN, Disney, HBO, the BBC and PBS, as well as numerous local organizations. Major contributors to the archives include WEWS, Channel 5; WKYC, Channel 3; and WGAR radio. Many other stations and individuals have added to the collection. In addition, a major gift was made by retired news photographer, William Wynne. The Archives is working to catalog  the collection into a mainframe computer, with 160,000 items currently listed. Contents can be searched by date, by any word, or part of a word. The available information is limited to that which was on the label of the individual roll or box, which is in some cases rather limited. As the materials are largely news film, there is a dearth of background footage or general views of the area in earlier years. It is strongest in event and personality material. The media archives contain:

  • 255,000+ rolls of news film and videotape, 95% cataloged
  • 500 historical photographs related to media in greater Cleveland
  • 1,200+ rolls of audio tape with news actualities and other broadcast materials
  • 100+ 16″ transcriptions from the 1930s and 1940s
  • Assorted historical objects such as early WHK radio guidescrystal receiver, early tube receiver
  • Advertising and newspaper clippings
  • One ongoing screening activity to identify unlabeled and poorly identified material
  • Shelving and files for expansion. Transferring process of analog film to digital format

The material is available to researchers, documenterists, and students but is not available for advertising and similar applications. Our staff is limited and has other duties, so all visits must be by appointment. Fees are charged for services, but one database search will be done gratis. Prospective users should discuss with archive staff their needs and proposed applications. Footage can be made available on DVD, DV-Cam,  DVC Pro, Beta SP, mini-DV, 3/4″, S-VHS, and VHS.

For assistance, contact :  Lisa Ahern Lewis, ’89,  Media Services Coordinator at (216) 397-3079 or via e-mail at