The Second Annual Tim Russert Department & Theatre Arts Photo Contest entries:

Sarah Alessi – “Flowers”

Sarah Alessi – “Flowers 2”

Marisa Baldine – “Great Blue Heron Flying Over Potomac River at Great Falls Park”

Marisa Baldine – “Boats at the Potomac River Boating Station”

John Calubaquib – “Even in the Harsh Winter”

Alexandra Cummings – “An Irish Sunset”

Alexander Cummings – “Litter”

Alexandra Cummings – “Galway”

Rebecca Ferlotti – “Carbon Footprint”

Rebecca Ferlotti – “McDoubled”

Rebecca Ferlotti – “Rebag Reduce Recover”

Evelyn Green – “Bridge in the Gap Between Hydro & Power”

Evelyn Green – “Invention of the Water Wheel”

Alexandra Higl – “Transquail Waters”

Kylie Kimber – “The Connection of Man and Nature”

Bryan McCarthy – “A River in the Tunnel”

Bryan McCarthy – “Littered Leaves”

Jackie Mitchell – “Hopes of a Healthy Environment Buried”

Jackie Mitchell – “Topplings Trees”

Vickey Roethel – “Bring the Outside In”

Vickey Roethel – “The Solar Dryer”

Gloria Suma – “Farming in the City”

Gloria Suma – “Winter’s End”

Molly Swiatkowski – “Buckeyes View of Winter”

Gina Torek – “Green Glimmer”

Gina Torek – “In Full Bloom”

Katie Warner – “The Finer Things”

Katie Warner – “Today’s Catch”

Ann Winberg – “Dutch Windmills”