For forms you fill in, please download the form to your device first. Then fill in via your local copy of Adobe. This will allow you to save your personalized data locally and not lose all the info you just typed in. 

Board – Room and Board Agreement, sign and date

Cadet Info Card fill-in, print and sign

Cross Registration Form – fill-in, print and sign

CC Form 104 R- Academic Alignment

CC Form 139-R (29 Jul 14)

Dental Exam Requirements

DA 705- Army Physical Fitness Test

CC Form 136 R- Government Benefits

CC 137 R- Release of Student Records

DA 597 – Cadet Scholarship Contract

DA 597-3- Cadet Non-scholarship Contract

DD 2005- Privacy Act Health Care

DD 2058- State of Legal Residence

DD 93- Record of Emergency Information

SGLV 8286- Soldier’s Group Life Insurance

SF 1199A- Direct Deposit

W 4- Employee Withholding Allowance

DA 4824