Most young men and women don’t know what they are truly capable of because they have never been tested to their limits.

Hymer’s Challenge was established in the spring of 2008 with the generous support of the late LTC (R) Charles Hymer.  This voluntary individual skills competition is designed to present each participant with a variety of grueling and stressful situations which will test endurance, basic military skills, motivation, and decision-making. It is open to all freshmen, sophomore, and junior Cadets in the Wolfpack Battalion.

Want to find out what you’re made of? Think you’re up to Hymer’s Challenge? We challenge you to test your limits, demonstrate the Army Values, and live the Warrior Ethos by competing.

“You have to lead men in war by bringing them along to endure and display qualities of fortitude that are beyond the average man’s though of what he should be expected to do. You have to inspire them when they are hungry and exhausted and desperately uncomfortable and in great danger. Only a man of positive characteristics of leadership and with the physical stamina that goes with it can function under those conditions.” – SLA Marshall