Military Science and ROTC

Cadet Life

Army ROTC cadets are exceptional students, held to a higher standard. Just like everyone else on campus, cadets choose a major and pursue an academic curriculum outlined by the University. However, the Army ROTC program is designed to forge a leader of soldiers out of a student among peers.

Once a week, cadets attend a military science class. For freshmen, this class is one hour. For sophomores, it is two hours. juniors and seniors have a three hour class. The classes are designed such that you learn a new military skill, then in leadership lab that week, you conduct practical exercises in that skill. Cadets are expected to know nothing military related upon arrival. Cadets learn it, do it, then teach it as juniors and seniors. 

As a Cadet You Will Experience:

  • Physical Training (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 0630-0730)
  • Military Science Class (Once a week anywhere from one-three hours.)
  • Leadership Lab (Thursday morning 0630-0900)
  • Dining In and Military Ball (One per semester in the evening.)
  • Field Training Exercises (One per semester over the weekend.)
  • Army Schools (Airborne, Air Assault, Cultural Immersion, Studying Abroad.)


Typical Day of a Cadet:

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays begin with Physical Training (PT) in the morning at 0630 until 0730. The student then goes to University classes.

Thursdays begin with ROTC labs at 0630 until 0900 in which cadets learn about military training through practical exercises.