It is your 30-year Reunion, plan to celebrate June 13-15 at Reunion Weekend 2014.

 The Class of ’84 Reunion Committee invites you back to Carroll to celebrate our 30th reunion with
“The Big Do Over”  – A return to your rightful seat in the Quad.

Orwell’s novel of the same name describes a dystopian viewpoint which may well have been descriptive of the JCU Class of ’84’s graduation ceremonies. 

For those of us fortunate to be counted in the JCU Class of ’84, our four years together were forged with the formation of many firsts such as “New Year’s in November” and Zeta Tao Omega. We shared much fellowship at such convivial locales as Gandalfs, Our Gang, and The Colony. We cheered on our ”JCU PAC Basketball Champions!” We lit the way together at the “Grasselli Tower Lighting Ceremony.”  Who could forget our glorious graduation ceremony on the Quad?

Wait, what ceremony? Who hasn’t had the nightmare of sleeping through a final exam? For the JCU Class of ’84 that nightmare came close to reality when rain cancelled all chances of our rightful graduation ceremony on the Quad.  

Fast forward 30 years – now is our chance to right history.

Join us as we celebrate 30 years of accomplishments with a Commemorative JCU Class of ’84 Quad Graduation Ceremony.

Mark your calendars, because come rain or shine, June 14, 2014, our ceremony will commence.  

See you on the Quad! 


Class Profile:

  • Living Alumni: 516
  • Lost Alumni: 12
  • Deceased Alumni: 13

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