William Zaluski ’01zaluski1-300x257

William looks back on his time on campus and realizes everything, even the buildings, influenced his current path. He currently works as a gallery teacher at The J. Paul Getty Museum, bringing visitors together with art in order to make observations and build interpretations. “The lessons in open, respectful, and responsive teaching that I witnessed as a student at Carroll have been integral to my practice,” William said. Hear more from him here.

Natalia Iacobelli ’07iacobelli

Natalia credits her time at John Carroll for solidifying her passion for the history of art and preparing her for a professional and academic trajectory after graduation. She completed an internship with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation during her senior year, serving as an assistant to the curators in the Clinic’s art program, and learning that “the functions of art are endless.” After graduating from JCU, she was offered a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in Italian studies at Boston College. She currently works as a visiting lecturer in Italian at Temple University. Hear from Natalia here.

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