2015-2016 Room Rates

Bernet Hall
Double Room in Suite – $6,240/year

Campion Hall
Double Room – $5,940/year
Triple Room – $4,990/year

Dolan Hall
Double Room – $5,940/year
Single Room – $6,760/year

Hamlin Hall
Double Room – $5,940/year

Millor Hall
Double Room – $6,140/year

Murphy Hall
Double Room – $6,240/year
Single Room – $7,400/year
Single Room in a Triple or Quad Suite -$7,500/year
Single Room with a Bathroom – $7,500/year
Double Room with a Bathroom – $7,300/year

Pacelli Hall
Double Room – $5,940/year
Single Room – $6,760/year

Sutowski Hall
Double Room – $5,940/year

JCU Houses & Duplexes
Single Room in a House or Duplex – $8,150/year*

*Note meal plan not required if living in house/duplex

2015-2016 Board Rates

Residential Meal Plans (required for all students living in the residence halls)
14 Meals + 100 points – $4,980/year
Block 175 + 150 points – $4,980/year
Block 125 + 250 points – $4,980/year
Unlimited Meal Plan + 100 points – $5,740/year
Block 250 + 100 points – $5,270/year

Commuter Meal Plans
Block 45 + 25 points – $445/semester
Block 100 + 100 points – $995/semester

Summer Room Rates

Only one residence hall is used for students who wish to live on campus in the summer. Summer Housing Applications will be available to students beginning in March. Information on which hall will be open and what amenities are available will be included in the application materials.

For the 2016-2017 room and board rates, click here.

For further information about 2015-2016 tuition rates, please visit www.jcu.edu/tuition