Office of Residence Life

Rising Junior/Senior 2016-2017 Housing Selection: Preparing for Room Selection

For your benefit, we recommend that the person with the earliest selection date and time select for your group. If that person is not available to make a room selection at his or her time, the group will have to wait until that person can log in and make a selection for the group, or the next best selection date and time in the group is activated in the selection system.

Room Selection Date and Selection Times are NOT TRANSFERABLE.

Making Contingency Plans
You will only be able to view room types that match your confirmed roommate requests.  For example if you have a confirmed group of 4 roommates you will only be allowed to view and select a 4-person suite.  If there are no more 4-person suites available you will receive this message.

No rooms available

We HIGHLY recommend that you and your group create and be ready with a back-up plan in case your first choice for housing is not available at your selection time. The spaces that are available at the time of your selection may change as your selection time gets closer. You should plan to have a few options that your group has discussed and be prepared to add and remove roommates as needed to meet the housing options or choices that are still available at your selection time.

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