2017-2018 Room Rates

Bernet Hall
Double Room in Suite – $3,495/semester; $6,990/year

Campion Hall
Double Room – $3,175/semester; $6,350/year
Triple Room – $2,495/semester; $4,990/year

Dolan Hall
Double Room – $3,175/semester; $6,350/year
Single Room – $3,560/semester; $7,120/year

Hamlin Hall
Double Room – $3,175/semester; $6,350/year

Millor Hall
Double Room – $3,310/semester; $6,620/year

Murphy Hall
Double Room – $3,335/semester; $6,670/year
Single Room – $3,870/semester; $7,740/year
Single Room in a Triple or Quad Suite -$3,920/semester; $7,840/year
Single Room with a Bathroom – $3,920/semester; $7,840/year
Double Room with a Bathroom – $3,820/semester; $7,640/year

Pacelli Hall
Double Room – $3,175/semester; $6,350/year
Single Room – $3,560/semester; $7,120/year

Sutowski Hall
Double Room – $3,175/semester; $6,350/year

JCU Houses & Duplexes
Single Room in a House or Duplex – $4,250/semester; $8,500/year*

*Note dining plan not required if living in house/duplex

2017-2018 Board Rates

(For a description of dining plans, please click here.)

Residential Dining Plans (required for all students living in the residence halls):

14 Meals + 100 dining dollars – $2,615/semester; $5,230/year
Block 175 + 150 dining dollars – $2,615/semester; $5,230/year
Block 125 + 300 dining dollars – $2,615/semester; $5,230/year
Unlimited Meal Plan + 100 dining dollars – $3,020/semester; $6,040/year
Block 250 + 100 dining dollars– $2,770/semester; $5,540/year

Additional Residential Dining Plan Available for Seniors Only:
Block 100 + 250 dining dollars – $1,850/semester; $3,700/year

Commuter Meal Plan:
Block 48 + 100 dining dollars – $570/semester

Summer Room Rates

Only one residence hall is used for students who wish to live on campus in the summer. Summer Housing is available at the rate of $120/week for the Summer 2017 term.