Residential living presents students with opportunities to make daily choices that affect their health and safety.  Students need to be proactive, informed, and utilize available campus resources that promote and assist with these services.

For further information please review the services described in the following links:

Guide to Key and Room Safety

  • If a room key is lost, no matter the circumstances, a lock change will be made.
  • Residence hall keys may not be duplicated for any reason.  Failure to comply will result in a lock change and a conduct referral.
  • Stolen or lost keys should be reported immediately to the Office of Residence Life and the JCU Police Department.
  • CarrollCard IDs and room keys may not be passed from a resident to another person in order to gain unescorted access to a building or room.  Disregard for this policy will result in a disciplinary referral.
  • The door to your room should never be left unlocked or propped open,  nor should a door to the residence hall be propped.
  • Any breach of security through a lost or stolen key in your possession must be reported immediately to the Office of Residence Life and JCU Police Department.
  • If a key is broken off in a lock, please do not try to remove the key piece.  Notify the Office of Residence Life or JCUPD as soon as possible.
  • If you find a key, are in possession of an unauthorized key, or have had a lock change and then find the misplaced key, please turn the key into the Office of Residence Life as soon as possible.
  • Student will be charged $75 per key if lost or stolen and $50 per CarrollCard ID if lost or stolen.