While this can be a very exciting time it is important that you take various precautions and begin a process of documentation. There are many steps you should take during move-in time.


Hook-up Your Utilities

  • It is the tenant’s responsibility to set-up the utilities.
    • It is beneficial to contact the utility companies at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • When doing your budget, you not only have to consider your rent each month, but also utility costs on top of that.
    • Because utility costs can vary greatly, be sure to ask to see previous monthly bills so that you can effectively estimate how much money you need to allocate.
    • You can also call the cable, internet, and phone companies to get price quotes for the various packages they offer.
  • Be sure to consider the age and size of your property.
    • Often times older rental properties may not have a lot of insulation, and existing windows may be older and allow cold air to pass through.
    • The larger the unit, the more expensive it is to heat and cool.

Renter’s Insurance

  • Renter’s Insurance can be a useful tool to cover your personal property in the event of a fire or burglary. We highly recommended you purchase renter’s insurance for each individual living in the rental property.  You can also check to see if and how your parents’ home owners insurance may cover you and your belongings.

Fill out a Move-In Checklist

  • The day you move in you may want to walk through the rental property with your Landlord. Take pictures and report any and all damages/problems that you see.
    • To help you keep track of the condition of the apartment when you move in, print-off the Move-In Checklist, complete as you walk through with the landlord, provide a copy to the landlord, and keep a copy for yourself to compare to when you move out.
  • It is important that you keep a copy of any type of damage or issues for your records.

Roommate Contracts

  • Though you will most likely be living with the friends and individuals of your choosing, it is still important that you and your roommates set clear expectations.  Make sure that everyone agrees on rules regarding visitation, noise, cleaning, food in the refrigerator, and anything else that you and your roommates may agree is important. (Roommate Agreement)