Before you begin looking for living options off-campus, John Carroll recommends you take time to educate yourself on how to best look for a choose an off-campus living option. Before you begin using the Off-Campus Housing Registry, please  take sometime to look through the provided links on this page about looking for, finding, and living off-campus so that you can be well informed of your rights as a tenant and your responsibilities as a neighbor in the surrounding communities.

Off-Campus Housing Registry

We will have a new Off-Campus Housing Registry launching in the next few weeks.  The new system will allow John Carroll University students, faculty, and professional staff search for apartments in the community and Landlords and Rental Agents who desire to advertise their units or rooms to students, faculty and staff, contract with the service provider to include their rental information on the website.

John Carroll University does not endorse any property as advertised in the Off-Campus Registry provided by the Office of Residence Life nor do we assume any responsibility for a renter’s dissatisfaction with any contractual dispute between the renter and the property/property owner. We recommend potential renters contact the property owner, investigate the property and read and review the Lease thoroughly before obligating oneself.

If you have any questions about listin, please contact the Office of Residence Life at