Office of Residence Life

2014-2015 Housing Application

Selecting Roommates & Things to Remember

Roommate selection will begin on May 5 at noon and will continue to be available until June 15. 

Selecting a Roommate

To select a roommate, log in to MyHousing and place your mouse over the Room Selection menu option on the Navigation Panel. A drop down menu should appear. Select the “Roommate Selection” option. Select the Fall 2014 term and click continue.

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If the screen informs you that you are not eligible to submit roommate requests, it could be because you or your intended roommate did not accept your housing agreement online.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office. Below is the screen you should receive.

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You can search for a roommate by filling in some or all of the form displayed on this page. You do not need to fill in all fields.

Once the system has identified the intended roommate searched, they are automatically added as a requested roommate.  In the screen below you can see your requested roommate and remove them or send them a message.

Pic 15

No Matching Students Found

If you receive the message that “No matching student was found”, it may indicate one of the following situations:

  • •You misspelled your desired roommate’s name.
  • •You used a nickname and not his/her actual name.
  • •They are not eligible for room selection.
  • •They are of the opposite gender.
  • •Incoming First year students will only be able to select other incoming First year students.

About Selecting a Roommate and Roommate Status

When you add a roommate, the student you requested will receive an e-mail informing them that you have selected them as a roommate. Until the student accepts you as a roommate, your roommate request will be marked as “Does Not Match.” Thus, you will need to communicate with your roommate/roommates to request and accept one another. Do not panic if you receive a “Does Not Match,” especially if you are waiting for one of your roommate/roommates to log onto the system and confirm you in return. You will receive the “Does Not Match” until all requests confirm one another.

It is required that all of your roommate requests are marked as “Matches” in order for your roommate group to be complete.  If your roommate request’s status is “Not Eligible” or “Student Assigned,” you should not select this student as a roommate, because he/she is not eligible.

To confirm or decline a roommate request, go to the Room Selection menu option on the Navigation Panel.  Select the “Roommate Selection” option.  This is where you decline, confirm or send a message.

Pic 16

Here is an example of a requested roommate that has not been confirmed.

Pic 17

Here is an example of a requested roommate that has been confirmed.

Pic 18

Again, if your roommate/roommates are not fully matched, you will NOT be placed as intended.

For example, if you are interested in a triple, each student will have to select and confirm or request the two other mutual roommates in order to be eligible to be placed in a triple.

Remove a Roommate

If you need to remove a roommate, simply click the “Remove” button next to that student. He/she will be informed that they were removed as a roommate.

Roommate Needed

If you have not identified a roommate but need one please don’t worry as we match and place many successful roommate pairs/groups.

My Assignments

Once placed this is where you will view your housing assignment for the 2014-2015 academic year.

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