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Fraternity Sorority Housing Resources

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Forms for Housing Chairs:

Fraternity Sorority Major Project Request Form

This form is for submission of major projects on the floor. Examples include painting requests; physical structure changes like shelves, blinds, curtains; shower head replacement; furniture replacement/delivery; etc.

Please submit this form two weeks in advance. Questions can be sent to Brendan Dolan at

Fraternity Sorority Consultant Guest Form

This form is for notifying us when a National Consultant or Guest will be visiting. You can request a temporary card or key for them via this form. It also informs the Fraternity Sorority Advisor of their visit so they can schedule a meeting with the university advisor.

Please submit this form one week in advance. Questions can be sent to Brendan Dolan at

Fraternity Sorority Floor Access Form

This form is for adding or removing member access from the community floor. This may be for non-resident members or to remove individuals who are no longer members or no longer needing access to the floor. \

Please submit this form and allow 48 hours for updates. Questions can be sent to Brendan Dolan at

Other Resources for Housing Chairs:

Housing Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

2016 Spring Agendas/Minutes

Hamlin Hall Website and Floor Plans:


Hamlin Hall Information

Double Room
360 View
Community Coordinator: Priscilla Flores
Phone: 216-397-4988
Hall Office: 216-397-3000

Assistant Director of Residence Life for Housing Operations (Greek Liaison): Brendan Dolan
Phone: 216-397-4408




 Greek Website



University and Fraternity/Sorority Housing Agreements:

2015-2016 Agreement

Fraternity Sorority Residence Floor Agreement 2015-2016

2016-2017 Agreement:

Fraternity Sorority Residence Floor Agreement 2016-2017

(Signed Copies of Agreement and/or Rosters are available through requesting at

Organization Storage Locations: 

(Keys can be checked out in Residence Life, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm)

 Beta Campion Basement Laundry Closet
 DTD Green Road 101- In Cage
 Sig Ep Green Road 101- Out of Cage
 Gamma Phi Beta Hamlin Ground Floor
 KAT Hamlin Ground Floor
 KD Hamlin Ground Floor
 Chi Omega Sutowski Basement Room
 KKG Campion Basement, First Left of the Elevator