Who will be able to live on campus during the Murphy Renovation?

Housing will be available to all undergraduate students during the Murphy Hall Renovation.  The University will continue to maintain its two-year residency requirement for first and second year students.   While housing is not guaranteed for junior and seniors, it will be available.

What types of rooms will be available?

The majority of the rooms available will be typical double rooms.   There will be a limited number of single rooms available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.   There will be no super-single rooms available next year.

Additionally, triple rooms will be available to all students.  These rooms will be offered at a discounted rate.

Where will students live next year?

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be housed primarily in Campion, Hamlin, Millor, and Bernet Halls and in the duplexes on Warrensville Center Road.   There will also be limited housing available for returning students in Pacelli and Dolan Halls.

First year students will be housed in Campion, Dolan, Pacelli, and Sutowski Halls.

How many Juniors and Seniors will be able to live on campus?

Based on our projections for the 2013-2014 academic year and past housing patterns for upper-class students, we anticipate being able to house 90% of the juniors and seniors who want to live on campus.  This means that of the students who may want to live on campus, we project that less than 40 junior and senior students will need to seek alternative housing options off-campus next year.

How do I find information about living off campus?

The Office of Residence Life continues to explore nearby housing alternatives suitable for students and will provide information about off-campus living via its website.  This will include rental property listings, information about tenant rights and responsibilities, what to look for in a lease, information about being a good neighbor and highlights about the communities surrounding John Carroll.   This information will be available at the beginning of November.

Will there continue to be Greek Housing?

The current Greek floors will be maintained during the 2013-2014 academic year.   The Greek chapters will be given specific information about determining who will be eligible to live on Greek floors.

When will the Housing Selection Process take place?

The Housing Selection Process will take place during the spring semester (late February/early March).   The lottery will be based on social class standing (i.e., year of graduation/when you entered JCU) instead of credit hour status.   More specific information about the 2013-2014 Housing Selection process will be made available in February 2013.

What if I don’t get a room in the Housing Selection Process?

Students who do not get a room in the initial process will be placed on a waiting list.   The Office of Residence Life will communicate regularly with the students and offer them rooms as they become available.  Typically, Residence Life is able to accommodate students on the waiting list who are flexible in their housing requests.

Will I be able to live on campus if I am studying abroad?

For students who are studying abroad during the Fall semester and who want to live on campus during the Spring semester, the Office of Residence Life will place them on a waiting list for housing.  Freezes/holds on bed spaces will not be offered for the 2013 Fall semester.    Students are encouraged to look for opportunities to switch out roommates with other students who are planning to study abroad.  For example, Roommate A is planning to remain on campus all year while Roommate B is planning go abroad during the Spring.  Roommate C is abroad during the Fall semester and would like to take Roommate B’s place upon return.   The Office of Residence Life will work with students to make these housing arrangements.   Details about this process will be included in the Housing Selection information distributed in
February 2013.

Where do I go if I have questions about housing for next year?

Please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life with any questions you may have about housing for next year.   You may contact the office at (216) 397-4408, via e-mail at jcureslife@jcu.edu, or stop by the office located on the ground floor of the Lombardo Student Center.