Frequently Asked Questions

First Year Housing

 I am not able to choose my residence hall, what should I do?

We focus on creating the best roommate matches, so first year students will not be able to preference residence halls.  As a result, it is really important for students to answer the personal and living preferences questions honestly.   We will use the answers to match students with a roommate.

I want to live in one of the Living-Learning Communities (STEM or Honors’, Arrupe, and Leadership), but my preferred roommate is not a STEM major or a member of one of the scholarship programs. Can I still live on the floor?

Preference is given to requested roommate matches where the students are intending STEM majors or are members of the scholarship program.

I am not receiving information about anything related to housing. I keep checking my e-mail.  

All information related to first year housing, will be sent to your JCU e-mail address.   It is important that you set up your JCU e-mail as soon as possible.   Follow the instructions provided by Enrollment in your Transition information.

I don’t know who I want to live with. What will happen if I don’t request a specific roommate?

There is no need to worry if you don’t have a roommate to request!   The Office of Residence Life will place you with a roommate based on your answers to the Personal and Living Preferences.   We use these questions to create roommate matches because, in our experience, having compatibility in these areas provides a strong foundation for a good roommate relationship.   That is why it is really important for you to provide honest answers to the questions.   If you’re messy, that’s awesome.  We’ll work to match you with someone else who is messy!   The same is true for how you prefer to study, socialize, and sleep.    We want your roommate relationship to be successful, but we need  your help in creating the best match.

When will I know my housing assignment?

Housing assignments will be shared in early to mid-July.   At that time you will also learn about your roommate (s) and receive information on how to contact them.

Check back for more FAQs as the First Year Housing Process progresses!   If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (216) 397-4408 or