Built through the efforts of Father McCue and modern language professor Dr. James Peirolo, as well as from donations by the Italian-American community of Cleveland, the hall is named after Eugenio Pacelli, otherwise known as Pope Pius XII. Pope Pius XII was the first pope to visit Cleveland in 1936. Before being named Pacelli, the University had to obtain special permission from Rome to use the Pope’s family name. Upon being properly named, Pacelli Hall became the first college residence hall to be named after the Pope. Pacelli Hall was the third men’s residence hall and the second post-World War II addition to the University. Finished in May and dedicated on September 7, 1952, it consisted of 109 rooms, providing occupancy for over 200 male students. Inscribed above the front entrance to the hall are the wise words of Pope Pius XII “The Work of Justice is Peace,” inspiring the students who walk through its doors to follow the Jesuit tradition of service and justice.

Pacelli Hall at-a-glance

Furniture provided

Common areas and other building amenities

  • Common lounge on the first floor has a large TV and vending machines.  The Pool Room on the first floor has a small TV and pool table.  The Study Lounge in the basement has tables and desks for studying and group projects.

Window treatments