Established in 1964, Murphy Hall is named after Rev. William J. Murphy, S.J.  In 1936, he was appointed faculty moderator of athletics.  By 1941, his eleventh year at John Carroll, he was moderator of the band, prefect of Bernet Hall, moderator of the Carroll Union, and Dean of Men.  In spite of all his duties he still found time to play the violin.  In 1964, Murphy Hall allowed 400 sophomore and junior men to live on campus instead of in homes in University Heights.  It included a small chapel, main parlor, recreation and television room, laundry and storage areas for all residents, as well as nine suites for counselors and a chaplain.  It was the fourth major addition and the largest to John Carroll since 1957.  Murphy Hall brought the total of students residing at John Carroll to just over 1,000.  In the fall of 1969, 48 rooms were set-aside for women to live in.  This was the first co-ed residence hall.

In the Spring of 2013, Murphy Hall was closed for 15 months to allow for a complete renovation.  Re-opened in August 2014, Murphy Hall can house over 300 students in a mixture of regular doubles and singles as well as 3 and 4 person suites with private bathrooms and living areas.  The building has laundry, study, and common space on each floor as well as large common lobbies, a full kitchen, and private meeting/study areas throughout.

Murphy Hall at-a-glance:

Hall type

  •  Junior and Senior Student Co-ed Residence Hall

Room types

  • Double (16″ by 13.8″)
  • Double with a bathroom (15″ by 13.8″)
  • Single (14″ by 8.5″)
  • Single with a bathroom (14″ by 8.5″)
  • Three person Suite (3 Single rooms (8.4″ by 13.3″) around a living room and shared bathroom)
  • Four person Suite (4 Single rooms (10.6″ by 8.5″) around a living room and shared bathroom)

Room type totals

  • 79 doubles
  • 46 singles
  • 48 singles in 3-person suites (16 total suites)
  • 52 singles in 4-person suites (13 total suites)

Room dimensions

  • Dimensions vary by room, more information coming

Window dimensions

  • All rooms will have at least one window, some rooms will have 2 windows, depending on the location

Window treatments

  • Mini-blinds
  • All rooms have window screens

Furniture provided

Common areas and other building amenities

  • Most doubles and singles have an in room sink
  • Air conditioning and heating with individual room or suite control of the temperature
  • Study rooms on each floor
  • Kitchenette and laundry on each floor
  • Full kitchen in the basement open to all residents
  • 2 story center lobby with areas for socialization, TV watching, and studying