Saint Edmund Campion (1540-1581) was a scholar, priest, hero of the faith and martyr who was hanged by Queen Elizabeth I after he refused to renounce his Catholic faith. Campion Hall was built in 1990 but was not dedicated as “Campion Hall” until November 13, 1993. Alumni of John Carroll will remember Campion Hall as “Gnu Hall,” the name borne by the hall until it was officially dedicated. The hall houses more than 300 residents. Campion Hall was named after Campion High School and College, which were established in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin in 1880. The college was phased out in 1925, while the high school flourished through the late 1960s. This all-male boarding school was sadly closed in 1975. Campion High School boasts 6,500 alumni and the college boasts about 500. Hundreds of these alumni have attended John Carroll. John Carroll has been the recipient of the beneficence of one of the college alumni, F.J. O’Neil. In recognition of the F.J. O’Neil family, Campion Hall is dedicated to Saint Edmund Campion and the institution that bore his name.

Campion Hall at-a-glance:


Furniture provided

Common areas and other building amenities

  • Main kitchen for resident use is adjacent to large TV lounge on the ground floor. Common lounges are located on each floor.  The hall also has a billiard lounge and laundry room.

Window treatments

  • Mini-blinds
  • Screens are provided for all Campion residential rooms
  • Each room has at least two windows, side-by-side (photo & measurements)