Office of Residence Life

2016-2017 MyHousing: Rising Sophomores

Now that you have chosen to live on campus and completed the ApplyOnline process, you can begin to use MyHousing, which is part of BannerWeb, to view and adjust your personal preferences, make changes your dining plan, select roommates and suitemates, and view your lottery time and date.  Use the instructions below to learn more about each of these features in MyHousing.

Remember, to get to MyHousing, you must log in to Banner and then select Registration & Academic Services, then Residence Life, then MyHousing.

Select the Go to MyHousing on the right.

MyHousing screen

After selecting the Go to MyHousing button, the MyHousing Overview page will appear and you will be shown basic information about yourself, your current room assignment, your current dining plan, your current roommate(s), and beginning at 3:00p.m. on April 11, 2017 the online selection process for which you are eligible. Below is an example of a typical MyHousing Overview screen.

You can navigate to different parts of the system by using the Navigation panel on the left side of the screen. Some options that are marked with a >> have sub menus that will appear when you hover your mouse over them.

My Info
At the top of the Overview page you will find information about yourself.  Check to make sure all of this information is correct.  Your social class is determined by your high school graduation date.  If your think your social class information on the Overview page is incorrect please contact The Office of Residence Life at 216-397-4408 or immediately.  It is important that you correct any issues with your social class in the system before the application closes on April 9, 2017.

My Assignments

This is your current housing for the 2016-2017 academic year.

My Dining
Under My Dining, you will be able to see your current dining plan (for 2016-2017 academic year) as well as the meal plan you selected earlier for the 2017-2018 academic year.  If you wish to make changes to your 2017-2018 dining plan, you can do so under the navigation bar in the dining tab.

Lottery Time and Date
At the bottom of the Overview screen, you can find your selection date and time in the section named “My Future Room Selection Process”. Below is an example of what this may look like. Until lottery dates and times are released on April 11, 2017, this area will remain blank.

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