All research involving human participants that meets the federal definition of “research” must be reviewed by the IRB prior to implementation. Research is defined as a systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge through public dissemination such as published articles, presentations, and poster displays.

Note: If there is a future possibility that the results will be published, cited in another paper, presented on a poster display, used in a thesis or essay, for example, the project should be reviewed by the IRB; retrospective review is not possible.

Depending on the type of review your application requires, you should expect the process to take one to three weeks for minimal risk studies. Greater than minimal risk projects will require review by the IRB at a convened meeting and may take longer to process. The response time will be extended if an application is incomplete, messy, multi-layered, or complex.

Please visit our Help page for more information on how you can facilitate a smooth IRB review or contact the IRB Administrator, to discuss your project before completing the IRB application.

Note: The IRB schedules three meetings in the fall and spring semesters. Contact the IRB Administrator for meeting information. The IRB does not meet during the summer, though minimal risk projects can still be reviewed.