With the widespread availability of the Internet resources, it is easier than ever to search for funding opportunities. Begin with SPIN, a database of funding agencies, from federal to foundation. The Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) is a fully searchable database of federal and non-federal funding opportunities, including funding for students. SPIN.PLUS is available from any John Carroll University network connected computer. If you need help using SPIN, contact Catherine Anson for a demo.

Access SPIN from any campus-connected computer by clicking on the graphic below.

For additional help, see also:

You can set up a user account to access SPIN QS from off-campus. Contact Catherine Anson for information.

Other Options
Check with colleagues and professional societies to see which agencies frequently fund in your field. Agency websites will often list previously awarded grants which will provide information on projects and average award amount. Searching Google for grants in a particular subject field may also yield results.

Listed below are links to additional help and the most requested funding agencies. Contact Catherine Anson for additional assistance.

The Foundation Center
The Foundation Center offers a basic online funding search; for an in-depth look at corporate and foundation funding agencies, visit the Foundation Center Library in downtown Cleveland.  NOTE:  Please contact Catherine Anson before approaching any foundation.

Ohio Humanities Council
Check under “Grant Guidelines” for information on awards. The Council’s mission is “to increase Ohioans’ appreciation and understanding of the humanities.”

Ohio Arts Council
The Ohio Arts Council offers limited funding for art-related projects. Proposal submission and grants administration is handled by the online OLGA system.

See “Find Grant Opportunities” on the left menu. Most federal grant opportunities can be found here. Submission of most federal proposals are handled by the online Grants.Gov system.

Note: proposals must be approved before submission to a funding agency.