Listed below is commonly requested information for use in completing grant applications. For additional information, call Beth Rosenthal at the Office of Sponsored Research.

Sponsored Research Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Office of Sponsored Research
John Carroll University
1 John Carroll Blvd, AD 250
University Heights, OH 44118-4581

Telephone: 216.397.4520
Fax: 216.397.3089

Authorized Institutional Official: James H. Krukones, Ph.D.,  Associate Academic Vice President

Interim Coordinator, Sponsored Research: Beth Rosenthal

University Administration & Business Officers

Board of Directors Chair: David W. Short ’81

Interim President:  Jeanne Colleran, Ph.D.

Fiscal Agent:  Richard Mausser, CPA,  Vice President of Finance & Auxiliary Services

Checks should be sent to: Matthew Verleny

Institutional Information

Organization Type: JCU is a non-profit, private, Catholic and Jesuit liberal arts university and a master’s granting, primarily undergraduate institution (PUI)

CAGE Number  (Commercial & Government Entity Code). Department of Defense Central Contract Registered: 4B565

CEC (US Department of Defense Contractor Establishment Code Number): 07 213488F

DHHS Number  (US Department of Health & Human Services): Contact  Matt Verleny

DUNS Number  (Dun & Bradstreet): 07-112-4788

FEIN (Tax ID Number):  Contact Matt Verleny

FICE Code (Federal Interagency Commission of Education a/k/a Title IV or OPE number): 0030050

IORG-IRB Registration: IRB00009347 (expires 05/06/2016) through OHRP

IRB FWA: FWA00020246 (expires 05/07/2018)

IRN: 063776

NSF Nominating Institution “Code” (NSF 10-29-92) 0030-50-2000

OAKS: 0000063210

TPIN  (Trading Partner Identification Number): Contact Matt Verleny for more information

Class B Internet Protocol Number:

Date Founded: April 19, 1886

Date Incorporated: December 29, 1890

Legislative Districts

US Congressional District 11 Representative: Marcia Fudge

US Senators: Sherrod Brown,  Rob Portman

Ohio House District 9: Janine Boyd

Ohio Senate District 21: Sandra Williams

updated 06/2015

Budget Concerns

Indirect Cost Rate (salaries & wages base): 47.3%
Effective with DHHS 06/01/2006 – 5/31/2010
Also known as F&A rate and IDC (Indirect cost) rate

Facilities & Administration Rate for Non-Federal Agencies
Effective 2006: Indirect costs as allowed

Fringe Benefit Rates (updated June 2013)

Full Time Fringe Benefit Rate: 37.75%

Part-time & Student Fringe Benefit Rate: 8%

Faculty Summer Salary Fringe Benefit Rate: 15%

FT stipend/consulting Fringe Benefit Rate: 15%

Travel & Meal Reimbursement Rates (updated June 2013)
Reimbursement for travel by automobile: $0.565 per mile
Per diem rates: See info on FAS site
Meal receipts are required for reimbursement unless per diem rate is approved in advance. Alcohol purchase is not allowed on federal grants.

Faculty Salary Calculations
For course release rate: Figured at 1/12 of the annual salary
For summer salaries: Divide regular annual salary by 9 to arrive at rate for one summer month.

Student Rates (updated June 2015)

Basic student pay rate: $8.10
Experienced student pay rate: $8.35
Other rates must be approved by Richard Mausser, Vice President of Finance & Auxiliary Services.