External fellowships provide faculty with opportunities to stimulate scholarly activity in the areas of research, teaching, and service. Prior to submitting the fellowship application to the agency, internal approval must be secured using the Internal Approval Form for Fellowships. Allow plenty of time to secure approvals if your application requires matching funds, continued medical coverage, or a leave of absence.

Fellowship funding agencies may offer several types of scholarships with differing eligibility requirements and other restrictions. Eligibility requirements will list the type of individual who may apply for the grant (such as new faculty members or senior scholars); what type of research may be covered (some agencies narrow the research to a specific topic, most have broader guidelines); the length of the fellowship (from a few weeks to an academic semester to a 12-month period or longer). This information is generally available in agency guidelines for the fellowship.

Resident fellowships may pay travel expenses to the granting institution, room and board, and salary for the duration of the fellowship.

Non-resident fellowships may pay some travel expenses to research sites and/or salary for the duration of the fellowship.