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John Carroll has purchased a subscription to online training offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. The Human Subjects Research course includes ethical conduct of human subjects research with a focus on federal regulations. This course is targeted to the type of research generally conducted at John Carroll: social and behavioral research studies as well as those conducted in areas such as communications, education, and business.

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Student, faculty, and staff researchers (and faculty sponsors) who file IRB applications will need to complete the course  in order to submit applications to the IRB. The CITI Program website requires both JavaScript and cookies to be enabled in order to function.

IRB review is required for research projects involving the use of human subjects and which are designed to contribute to general knowledge. For more on what projects must be submitted to the IRB, see “Does Your Project Need IRB Review?”

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Courses now available include:

Group 1): Human Subjects Research

  • IRB Researchers and Sponsors
  • IRB Student Researchers
  • IRB Members

(Group 2): Laboratory Animal Welfare

  • Numerous choices to select if interested

(Group 3): Conflicts of Interest

  • For PHS-funded researchers

(Group 4): Health Information Privacy & Security (HIPS)

(Group 5): Responsible Conduct of Research: RCR Course for Grant Workers

  • For federally funded researchers and their workers

(Group 6): Institutional/Signatory Official

  • Training for the Institutional Official (IO) of the IRB and/or the IACUC

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