Department of Recreation


1966: William F. Ryan founded the club.

1971: Defeated the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN in a friendly match, shocking the collegiate rugby community.

1974: Placed 3rd in a Windsor, Canada tournament competing against a number of Big Ten teams and Men’s Clubs (many of whom had never before heard of JCU).

1981 / 1982: Mark ‘Bagger’ Schell ’82 and Tom Bresslin created the “Oooga
Booga” chant.

2005 (Fall): Won the Ohio Rugby Union Collegiate Men’s Division III Championship.

2006 (Fall): Ascended to ORU Collegiate Men’s D3 playoffs, eliminated
first round.

2010 (Fall): Ascended to ORU Collegiate Men’t D3 playoffs, eliminated
in Elite Eight.

2011 (Fall): State Champion Runner-Up.