Degrees: Ph.D. in Psychology - The Ohio State University

Expertise: Mental Health/Sport Psychology

No Spring 2017 Courses

Office hours by appointment only

Research Interests

  • Trash talk in sport
  • Disappointment among sports fans

Papers in Preparation

Recent Research Publications

Rainey, D. W., Larsen, J. D., & Yost, J. H. (2009). Disappointment Theory and Disappointment Among Baseball Fans, Journal of Sport Behavior, 32, 339-356.

Rainey, D. W.,  Larsen, J.  (2002). The Effect of Familiar Melodies on Initial Learning and Long-term Memory for Unconnected Text. Music Perception, 20, 173-186.

Getz, G. E., & Rainey, D. W. (2001) Flexible short-term goals and basketball shooting performance. Journal of Sport Behavior 24, 31-41.

Rainey, D. W. (2000).Exploring about aggression. In L. T. Benjamin; D. S. Dunn, & W. B. Davidson Handbook of demonstrations and activities in the teaching of psychology, Vol. III: Personality, abnormal, clinical-counseling, and social (2nd ed.) (pp.237-246). Erlbaum: Mahwah, NJ.

Rainey, D. W. (1999) Sources of stress, burnout, and intention to terminate among basketball referees. Journal of Sport Behavior, 44, 578-590.

Rainey, D. W., & Hardy, L. (1999). Assaults on Rugby Union referees: A three union survey. Journal of Sport Behavior, 22, 105-113.