Ph.D. student, Kent State University

Ryan was originally pursing business until he took Introduction to Psychology with Denise Ben-Porath, Ph.D. He became strongly interested in the abnormal psychology and counseling areas.  After taking more courses in the area, he developed interests in eating disorders as well as personality. He pursued two research-based internships within clinical psychology that were offered through John Carroll. By his senior year, he had hybrid interests in research, statistics, and clinical psychology. Ryan took three independent studies his senior year.  Two of them consisted of independent research where he was mentored by Denise Ben-Porath, Ph.D., and John Yost, Ph.D., as well as one in which Ryan self-taught various regression analyses with direction from Tom Short, Ph.D.  Ryan is currently pursing his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and minoring in quantitative methodology at Kent State University.  His current research focuses on personality assessment in spine surgery candidates, bariatric surgery candidates, and eating disorder patients.