Mental health professional
Graduate student, University of Essex

At the end of my freshman year at John Carroll, I received the opportunity to intern at a nonprofit organization called Mental Health Services Inc.  Through this internship I had the opportunity to work with and observe social workers on the Children Who Witness Violence Project (CWWV). The CWWV project was established in order to provide services to children and families who endured and witnessed significant acts of violence such as homicide, suicide, rape and domestic violence.  It was this internship that inspired me to pursue my degree in psychology with a concentration in mental health services. Furthermore, I decided that I also wanted to pursue a concentration in Africana Studies. Through the Africana Studies concentration I learned about issues such as poverty, HIV, genocide, starvation, refugees/ displaced persons, African politics, and war. In effect, I became determined that I would choose a future career path  that would combine both psychology and African Studies.

After completing undergraduate, I decided to work for one year before entering into graduate school.  Throughout this year I have had the opportunity to work in the mental health field with organizations such as Mental Health Services, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital on the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit as well as conduct research with Case Western Reserve University. This year has been a great experience, and I have been most thankful to have had these opportunities.

This fall I will be attending the University of Essex located in Colchester, England. At the University of Essex I will be pursuing my master’s degree in refugee care. The refugee care program teaches students to work directly with refugees/asylum seekers in a variety of settings as well as aids students in developing a deep understanding of the complexities of the refugee experience.

After completing this program I want to continue on with my education and become a clinical psychologist. As a clinical psychologist I will focus my studies on global psychology and world issues relating to trauma and human rights. I want to provide trauma care services to refugees specifically, refugees in Africa and child soldiers. Also, I would like to someday work as a consultant for the United Nations as well as conduct research pertaining to refugee trauma, genocide and human rights violations in Africa.

The education I received at John Carroll provided me strong backgrounds in both research and clinical work. Also, the experiences during my undergraduate years at JCU helped thoroughly prepare me for the “working world” and for graduate school. I want to thank all the John Carroll Psychology Department professors. You are all wonderful teachers, and none of this would have been possible if it was not for your constant encouragement and support. I cannot wait to continue on with my studies this fall, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.