Human resources professional, NASA Glenn Research Center
Graduate student, labor relations and human resources

I decided to major in psychology as a freshman because I had a passion for helping others. My goal was to become a clinical psychologist and start my own practice. During my sophomore year I took a class in industrial/organizational psychology, I loved the class so much that I decided to change my psychology track to industrial/organizational psychology and to minor in business.

My experiences as a John Carroll psychology major were great. My professors were very knowledgeable, and my coursework provided me with the tools I would need for my future. I am currently in graduate school pursing a master’s in labor relations and human resources, and the classes that I took as an industrial/organizational psychology major have greatly prepared me for my graduate courses. I started the program with much more knowledgeable of the field than some of my peers.

I currently work at the NASA Glenn Research Center in human resources; I am able to directly apply knowledge I obtained in my industrial/organizational psychology coursework to my experiences on the job. I am also able to directly apply what I learned in my general psychology classes to my on the job experiences. Specifically, topics discussed in my social psychology class helped me to understand how different people think and issues such as harassment, which I must deal with on a regular basis in my human resources career. I enjoyed my experience as a psychology major at John Carroll University, and it prepared me for my future.