The Mental Health Services concentration is intended for two groups of students: those who plan on graduate study in clinical/counseling psychology or related fields immediately or shortly after graduation, and those who will be seeking employment in some area of human services immediately after graduation.

In most cases, students planning to go to graduate school will do only one semester of practicum. Students planning to seek employment after graduation should consider doing two semesters of practicum, either at one setting or two.


Requirements for completing both the mental health services concentration and the psychology major are as follows:

  • PS 101– Introduction to Psychology
  • PS 301/301L –Experimental Design and Analysis (with lab)
  • PS 435 — Tests and Measurements
  • PS 457 — Psychopathology
  • PS 462 –Counseling Theory and Practice
  • PS 471 — Seminar in Ethics in Psychology
  • PS 477 — Senior Seminar in Mental Health Services
  • PS 482C and/or 483C — Practicum
  • Students who choose only one semester of Practicum will need a PS elective.

One course chosen from:

  • PS 241– Social Psychology
  • PS 261–Child Development
  • PS 262 — Adolescent Development

One course chosen from:

  • PS 332/332L — Learning and Behavior (with lab)
  • PS 380/380L — Memory and Cognition (with lab)

One course chosen from:

  • PS 318/318L — Sensation and Perception (with lab)
  • PS 326 — Psychobiology

Coordinator: Denise Ben-Porath, Ph.D.