1. Meet with your Freshman/Sophomore advisor and fill out the Application for Declaration form.
  2. Your advisor will send this form and your folder to the Academic Advising office.
  3. The Academic Advising office will send your folder to the Psychology Department.
  4. If your current advisor is not in the Psychology Department:
    1. You will be notified when we have received your folder.
    2. You will make an appointment to meet with Sheri Young, Ph.D., the department chair. (Make an appointment by signing up on the schedule in the department office.)
    3. Dr. Young will tell you about the major and discuss your interests with you.
    4. She will assign you a new advisor in the Psychology Department.
  5. If your current advisor is in the Psychology Department:
    1. Your advisor will discuss the major and your interests with you.
    2. Your advisor will assign you a new advisor, based on your interests.