College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Psychology

JCU Student OUPRC Projects


Effects of self-esteem and framing on performance and stress perception
Lauren Borato (Dr. Yost)

The scent of summer: implicit activation of body-image concerns
Kristen Farrell (Dr. Yost)

An examination of terror management theory through death anxiety and self-doubt
Steven LaCorte (Dr. Yost)

The impact of the knowledge of an autism diagnosis on judgments of parenting styles
Mary Lutter (Dr. Yost)


The Effect of Media Viewing on Female Mood, Body Dissatisfaction and Future Behaviors
Ashleigh Pona (Dr. Yost)


The Effect of Anxiety and Sensory Stimulation on Word Recall Tasks
Nathan Kearns and Scott Marek (Dr. Ben-Porath)

Cooperation vs. Competition and the Effects of Social Facilitation on Performance
Nathan Kearns (Dr. Yost)


How Religious Beliefs Affect Implicit and Explicit Memory on Religious and Celebrity Passages
Desiree Hagan (Dr. Young)

Implications of Procrastination Style and Subjective Overachievement on Success on Time-Pressured Task
Jenny Schmidt (Dr. Yost)

Examination of Attitudes to Just World Threat on a Diverse Population When Confronted with Immediate Monetary Rewards
Mark Sauter (Dr. Larsen)


Alcohol Use and Eating Disordered Behavior: A Stroop Task
Kathleen F. Keating (Dr. Larsen)

Working Memory, Priming, and Sexual Attitudes
Emily Ferron, Bridget Carey, Lisa Formanik, and Emma Taylor (Dr. Lance Jones)

The Effects of Active Procrastination and Perfectionism on the Performance of Time-Pressured Tasks
Tegan Classen (Dr. Yost)

Social Dominance Orientation and Prediction of Acceptance of Sexist Humor in Males
Jenny Schmidt (Dr. Yost)

The Effects of Race and Socioeconomic Status on ADHD
Erin Moran (Dr. Yost)

The Effect of Emotion and Gender for Word Recall
Tegan Classes, Jenny Schmidt, Jack Mydzian, (Dr. Young)

Faster word recognition with unconsciously perceived primes
Matthew Tomayko (Dr. Larsen)

The Effect of Words and Images with Emotional Valence on Directed Forgetting Tasks
Jenna Woodarek (Dr. Larsen)


The Relationship Between Perfectionism and Religiosity and its Influence on Self-Disclosure
Christine Rieger (Dr. Larsen)

Occupational Gender Stereotyping Attitudes
Amanda George (Dr. Larsen)

White Criminal: Movies, Controlled and Unconscious Processing, and Stereotypes of Serial Killers
Nicole Johnson (Dr. Larsen)

The Psychosocial Elements Associated with Civil Liberties Attitudes
Fade Eadeh (Dr. Larsen)

Influencing Behavior with Subliminal and Supraliminal Anchoring
Shahed Barrak (Dr. Larsen)

The Effect of the Opponent-Process Theory on Mood due to Repeated Exposure of War Scenes
Mollie Patrick (Dr. Larsen)


Does knowing the opinions of others affect judgments of women’s figure?
Marisa R. Benich (Dr. Larsen)

Effects of inadmissible evidence on jurors: Could attempts to reduce the backfire affect go too far?
Justin Joseph (Dr. Larsen)

Factors influencing the credibility of child sexual abuse allegations
Halle Smith (Dr. Larsen)

Attitudes of college Students towards children with disabilities

Genna M. Tartamella (Dr. Larsen)


Equivalence Disruption in 30 Member Through the “Can’t Answer” Response
Justin V. Blance and Dr. Imam (Dr. Yost)

The Effect of Social Contact Type on Anxiety Levels
Sarah Kuszczak (Dr. Yost)

The Effect of Emotion Manipulation and Gender on Performance
Janid Rodriguez, Kristin Tyler, Ashley Grace, and Tim Warner (Dr. Yost)

Effect of Violent Movies versus Scripts on Mood
Kathryn Stevens and Kristina Khoury (Dr. Yost)

Color is Salient, Even for the Color Deficient: Attentional Capture by Color in a Visual Search
Frank M. Kenner (Dr. Larsen)