The Psychology Department offers the following Senior Awards:

The Nicholas DiCaprio Award for the Distinguished Graduate in Psychology is given to students who have achieved an overall and major GPA of at least 3.5, a relatively high score on the MFT, and have been involved in psychological research and/or practicum activities in psychology in demonstrably significant ways.

DiCaprio Award Winners

2014Benjamin Berry
Steven Palmieri
Hailley Pearson
Christopher Wetherill
2013Mossman, Samantha
Patton, Kathleen
2009Johnson, Nicole L.
Rieger, Christine Michele
2012Marek, Scott2008Maggiotto,Amanda L.
Tarescavage,Anthony M.
2011Haigh, Elizabeth T.
Marek, Ryan J.
Nigra, Peter W.
2007Burkhart, Kimberly M.
Williams, Alyssa A.
2010Tomayko, Matthew J.2006Navarre, William J.

The Psychology Scholastic Achievement Award is given in recognition of the psychological science students who attained the highest major GPA, with strong consideration given to overall GPA.

Scholastic Achievement Award Winners

2014Kayla Acklin
Benjamin Berry
Bethany Kregiel
Rachael LIbertin
Hailley Pearson
Danielle Sample
2013Patton, Kathleen2009Beckley, Matthew R.
Moran, Erin Theresa
2012Faist, Anna V.2008Lucsko, Gregory A.
Miller, Paul G.
Simmons, John H.
Stoneman, Maureen E.
Tarescavage, Anthony M.
2011Haigh, Elizabeth T.2007Burkhart, Kimberly M.
Maya, Kelsey L.F.
Riccardi, Katherine A.
Smith, Halle M.
Stevens, Kathryn A.
Williams, Alyssa A.
2010Calderone, Janel L.2006 Frank,Dana L.
McClester, Mallory J.
Navarre, William J.

The Research Recognition Award is given in recognition of students who have been involved in psychological research in substantial ways either in collaboration with faculty and/or independently.

Service Recognition Award is given in recognition of substantial service to the psychology department, the University, and/or the community at large, during their tenure as students in the psychology department.

The Applied Psychology Award is given in recognition of substantial contribution to special practicum projects as part of practicum training in general or in the various psychology concentrations in the department.

2013 Senior Awards