Degrees: B.A., Knox College; M.A., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
Expertise: working memory

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A 2010-2012 Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso after she retired from full-time teaching at JCU.
Read about her experiences at:

The Women of Burkina Faso: Realities and Challenges
lecture presented by Dr. Larsen on Feb. 4, 2013:


Research Interests

  • Cognitive Processes in Aging
  • Working Memory
  • Perception with Anomolous Color Vision
  • Non-Conscious Perception

Recent Research Publications

Fritsch, T., McKee, J., McClendon, M.S., Wallendal, T. F. H. & Larsen, J.D. (2014). Prevalence and Cognitive Bases of Subjective Memory Complaints in Older Adults: Evidence from a Community Sample. Journal of Neurodegenerative Diseases,  2014

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