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Department of Psychology

Dolan Science Center

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at John Carroll University.

Psychology is the scientific study of all aspects of behavior and mental processes. We empower students with knowledge in the core areas of psychology, critical thinking skills, and research experience as preparation for internships, graduate study, careers, or service.

At John Carroll, you can major or minor in psychology and focus in Child and Family Studies, Forensic Psychology, Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, or Mental Health Services. You also can pursue an interdisciplinary concentration in neuroscience if majoring in psychology, biology, or chemistry. You will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Any student thinking of majoring in psychology should take PS 190 – Planning for Graduate School second semester freshman year. It is a 1-credit course that meets once a week for the 1st 7 weeks of the spring semester. Even those who are not sure about graduate school, your 1st year is the perfect time to take the course as you will be informed as the best practices to maximize your chances of gaining admission into graduate school. It is always wise to prepare yourself for future options. For those of you who like to plan, this course will provide you with a plan. If you have any questions about the course, you can discuss them with your advisor.