Rev. Robert L. Niehoff, S.J.  President

Dr. John T. Day, Chair     Provost and Academic Vice President

Dr. Matthew Berg           Professor, History

Mr. Michael Bestul         Chief Information Officer

Dr. Lauren Bowen           Associate AVP for Student Learning
Initiatives & Diversity

Mr. John Carfagno           Assistant Vice President, Integrated
Marketing and Communications

Dr. Jeanne Colleran         Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Sherri Crahen           Dean of Students

Dr. Roy Day                 Professor, Physics

Dr. Kathleen L. Dean       Assistant Provost,
Institutional Effectiveness

Ms. Danielle Ketterer       Student Union

Dr. James Krukones         Associate Academic Vice President

Dr. Anne Kugler             Associate AVP for Faculty Development
and Summer Programs

Dr. Sophie Kus              Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Beth Martin             Professor, Psychology

Mr. Richard Mausser        Vice President for Finance/CFO

Dr. Mark McCarthy          Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Paul V. Murphy         VP for Univ. Mission & Identity

Dr. Al Nagy                 Professor, Accountancy

Ms. Dora Pruce              Director of Government and Community Relations

Ms. Doreen Riley            Vice President of University Advancement

Ms. Kim Rossi               Student Union President

Dr. Karen Schuele           Dean, Boler School of Business

Dr. Jonathan Smith          Vice President and Executive Assistant to the President

Ms. Marilyn Valencia       Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness

Mr. Brian Williams           Vice President for Enrollment

Mr. David Wong              Executive Director, Academic Finance

BSOB Rep                     VACANT