Every tenure-track faculty person is obliged to participate in the Midterm Tenure Review, which customarily occurs in the spring semester of the third year on the tenure track. Tenure-track faculty will receive the necessary forms for the completion of the Midterm Tenure Review from the Office of the Provost and Academic Vice President at the beginning of that semester. (A copy of the Timetable/Signature form is here.)

Midterm Tenure Review Procedures

Please use nothing less than 12-pitch font for all items, and submit your dossier in the binder available from the Provost’s Office.

I. By March 1 in the spring of the third year on tenure track* the candidate will submit to the department Tenure Committee one copy of a dossier that consists of the following:

A. Table of Contents.

B. Current curriculum vitae. (It should include separate sections on the candidate’s educational background and academic degrees, professional employment, courses taught, publications, scholarly presentations, professional memberships, and awards and honors.)

C. Statement Relevant to Teaching Effectiveness.

D. Statement Relevant to Research/Scholarship.

E. Statement Relevant to Service.

F. Summary Statement.

(Note: Items C through F should total no more than ten typewritten pages.)

G. Appendix. (It should include copies of books, published articles, reviews and syllabi, as well as a complete set of teaching evaluations.)

II. After reading the dossier, the department Tenure Committee will meet formally with the candidate.

III. By April 1, the department Tenure Committee will forward the dossier to the appropriate Dean and also will supply the following:

A. Written recommendation concerning the candidate’s continuance in a tenure-track position. The department recommendation [majority vote required] should address rigorously the following items:

  • Evaluation of teaching effectiveness
  • Evaluation of research/scholarship record
  • Evaluation of service activities
  • Suggestions for improvement

B. The Tenure Committee’s letters from the first and second-year tenure reviews, plus any written responses from the faculty member.

Revised 12-17-09 *The mid-term tenure review occurs in the spring semester of the second year on the tenure-track for candidates whose probationary period is four or five years long. Please consult the document titled “University Tenure Procedures and Guidelines” (known as Appendix M of the Faculty Handbook and dated 25 April 2008).


You can download a PDF version of these instructions here.

Information about the electronic submission of the Midterm Tenure Review dossier can be accessed here.