Dr. John T. Day, Provost and Academic Vice President
Phone: 216-397-4207
Email: jday@jcu.edu

Dr. Lauren Bowen, Associate Academic Vice President for Student Learning Initiatives and Diversity
Phone: 216-397-4374
Email: bowen@jcu.edu
Webpages: Diversity at JCU, Title IX

Dr. James Krukones, Associate Academic Vice President
Phone: 216-397-4762
Email: jkrukones@jcu.edu
Website: Sponsored Research

Dr. Anne Kugler, Associate Academic Vice President for Faculty Development and Summer Programs
Phone: 216-397-4770
Email: akugler@jcu.edu
Webpages: Center for Faculty Development, Summer Sessions

Dr. Kathleen Lis Dean, Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 216-397-1972
Email: kdean@jcu.edu
Webpage: Institutional Effectiveness

David Wong, Executive Director, Academic Finance
Phone: 216-397-1510
Email: dwong@jcu.edu

Marilyn Valencia, Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 216-397-4268
Email: mvalencia@jcu.edu
Webpage: Institutional Effectiveness

Catherine Anson, Director of Sponsored Research
Phone: 216-397-4520
Email: canson@jcu.edu
Webpage: Sponsored Research

Elizabeth Parsons, Research Compliance Administrator
Phone: 216-397-1527
Email: eparsons@jcu.edu
Webpage: Sponsored Research

Deanna DePenti, Coordinator of Commencement and Continuing Education
Phone: 216-397-4245
Email: ddepenti@jcu.edu
Webpage: Commencement

Eileen E. Egan, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 216-397-4370
Email: eegan@jcu.edu

Barb Lovequist, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 216-397-4207
Email: blovequist@jcu.edu