During the last year of the chairperson’s term, the following procedures will be implemented by the department and the appropriate dean.

1. The dean will notify the department that a chairperson is to be selected and two department meetings will be held.

2.  There will be an initial meeting with the appropriate dean.  Its purpose is to discuss the mission, development, and future direction of the department.

3. Subsequent to this meeting, and at any time prior to the second meeting, members of the department will make nominations for the position of chair and circulate them to all full-time members of the department.

4. In accordance with the current practice, the members of the department will see the dean individually and discuss their views on the chair position.

5. A second department meeting will be held.  This is to be chaired by the senior member of the department who is present and who is not a candidate for the position.  The nominees will present their views on the status, needs and future direction of the department.  They will then leave for the discussion and return for the vote.  (“Seniority” is defined by years of service and not by rank.)

6. The same senior member will conduct the discussion of the candidates and then call for a vote to ascertain the preference of the department for the next chairperson.  Voting will be by secret ballot and the results made known to the department members.  (“Faculty” and “voting rights” are as stated in the Faculty Handbook Part One Sections IB and II.)

7. The chair of the meeting will convey the results of the final vote, including the vote count, to the dean.

8. After coming to a decision, the dean will notify the academic vice president of the recommendation and whether or not it differs from the department vote.  The academic vice president then makes the appointment.

9. If the process produces a chairperson other than the one recommended by the department the reasons for the choice will be communicated to the members of the department.


Approved by President Michael J. Lavelle, S. J., as the ordinary procedure for selecting department chairs on February 15, 1995, to be effective with academic year 1995-96.  The .pdf of this document is here.