The Academic Planning Task Force (Phase I) was charged in April 2009 as follows:

1. To produce a document that articulates and affirms the academic mission of John Carroll University as the center of all institutional planning.

2. To create a set of academic learning outcomes which states the measurable gains in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that a student is expected to have achieved as a result of attaining an undergraduate or graduate degree at John Carroll University; and

3. To begin the process of assessing current practices and identifying future directions of the academic plan.

The report of the original Task Force in 2010 is here.

Subsequently, in accordance with the recommendations of the Task Force, five working groups were convened to study and make recommendations on: advising, a new Core curriculum, teaching excellence, interdisciplinary programs, and faculty workload and recognition.

The Academic Planning Task Force Final Report (March 2013) is here

The Curriculum Working Group Report and Proposal for A New Core Curriculum is here.