Professional Writing Track


1.  Two 200-level literature courses (EN 250 not appropriate as literature option): 6 credit hours

Majors are strongly encouraged to take at least one of the following three courses:

EN 214  Major British Writers

EN 222  Introduction to Shakespeare

EN 277  Major American Writers

One 200-level literature course serves as the prerequisite for 300- and 400-level literature courses.

2.  Four 300-level courses: 12 credit hours

Two that are pre-1800. Choose from:

EN 311 Old English or EN 312 Late Med

EN 320 Henry or EN 321 Stuart

EN 330 Augustan or EN 331 Late 18th

Two that are post-1800.  Choose from:

EN 340 Romantic or EN 351 Victorian

EN 360 Mod Brit or EN 361 Cont Brit.

EN 371 Amer Pre-1900 or EN 372 Amer Post-1900

3.  Professional Writing Courses: 12 credit hours

Two courses from the introductory level, one of which is prerequisite to the 400-level Professional Writing courses:

EN 250 Writing and the Professions (encouraged as preparation for specialized level courses)

One course from: EN 290, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, CO 225

Two courses from the specialized level :

EN 405 Writing About Film

EN 406 Writing and the Environment

EN 407 Writing about Our Health

EN 408 Writing in the New Media

EN 409 Technical Writing

EN 410 Special Topics in Writing

With Chair’s permission, an appropriate course from another JCU department may replace one of the 400-level courses.

4.  Study of Language and Theory: 3 credit hours.  One course from:

EN 485  Contemporary English Grammar

EN 488  History of the English Language

EN 489  Studies in Rhetoric and Composition

EN 490 History of Literary Theory and Criticism

EN 491 Feminist Literary Criticism

EN 495 Critical Practice

5.  One 400-level literature course: 3 credit hours

6.  Internship(s) in Professional Writing: a total of 3 credit hours

7.  A portfolio to be submitted to the English Department

Minor in Professional Writing:  Six required courses from the following areas:  1) EN 250  2) EN 300  3) One course from EN 301, 302, 303, 304, CO 225  4) Two courses in Professional Writing on 400 level (see 3. above)  5) Internship(s) in Professional Writing.