Michael J. Merriman ’78 (Chair)
Chairman of the Board
Nordson Corporation

Ara A. Bagdasarian ’78
Retired Executive Vice President
Travel Centers of America

Barbara Brown ’82
Principal and Co-owner

Rev. Gerald F. Cavanagh, S.J.
Charles T. Fisher III Chair of Business Ethics & Professor of Management
University of Detroit Mercy

Rev Martin Connell, S.J.
Rector, Jesuit Community at the Jesuit School of Theology
Santa Clara University-Berkeley

James A. Coyne ’82
Vice Chairman, Director and CFO
Stoneleigh Capital LLC

Rev.Thomas B. Curran, S.J.
Rockhurst University

William P. Donnelly ’83
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Mettler Toledo

Kevin J. Embach, S.J., M.D.
Jesuit Scholastic
Chicago Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus

Terrence P. Fergus ’76
FSM Capital Management, LLC

Dr. Evelyn Jenkins Gunn ’72G
Carnegie Scholar and Fellow (NBCT), National Academy
Carnegie Academy for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning

Annette L. Haile ’74
Retired Vice President

Howard W. Hanna III ’69
Chairman and CEO
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, Inc.

Harold F. Hawk Jr. ’81
President and Chief Executive Officer
Crown Battery Manufacturing Company

Rev. Mark G. Henninger, S.J.
Georgetown University

Col. (Ret.) Mary Jo (Casserly) Hogan ’76
Deputy Director, Emergency Management Center
U.S. Department of Labor

Bruce Jarosz ’72
Senior Advisor

Michael D. Johnson
John Carroll University

William E. Kahl ‘86
Executive Vice President of Marketing
Shurtech Brands, LLC

Michele A. Kisthardt ’85
Hudson Integrated Marketing, LLC

Richard J. Kramer ’86
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Jane B. (Broeren) Lambesis ’83
Senior Vice President, Sales
Federated Investors Inc.

Teresa K. Lewandowski ’78
Director of Journal Production and Manufacturing Services
American Chemical Society

L. Thomas Marchlen
Senior Tax Attorney
Alcoa, Inc.

Richard E. Maroun ’77
Executive Partner
Frazier Healthcare

James M. Myers ’80
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

David M. O’Brien ‘72
Retired Executive Vice President of Government Services and External Affairs
Highmark, Inc.

William J. O’Rourke Jr. ’70
Retired Vice President of Sustainability and Environment,Health and Safety
Alcoa Inc.

Jeffrey H. Paravano ’88
Managing Partner

Michael B. Petras Jr. ’89
Chief Executive Officer

William Priemer
Chief Operating Officer
Hyland Software

Daniel F. Sansone ’74
Executive Vice President and CFP
Vulcan Materials

Rev. Michael J. L. Sheeran, S.J.
Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

Dave W. Short ’81 (Past Chair)
Retired Chairman of the Board
The American Funds Group

Gregory J. Skoda ’78
Skoda, Minotti & Company

Terence C. Sullivan ’77
Senior Managing Director
Paragon Advisors, Inc.

Stephen M. Todd ’69
Retired Global Vice Chair-Professional Practice
Ernst and Young LLP

James E. Winchester  Jr. ’65
Chief Executive Officer
The QUIKRETE Companies, Inc.

Directors Emeriti

John G. Breen ’56, ’97H
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Sherwin-Williams Company

Vincent A. Chiarucci 
Retired President and COO
Figgie International, Inc.

Richard M. Hamlin Sr. ’49
The Reserve Group, Inc.

Audrey Gilbert Ratner
Community Leader
Cleveland and Chicago

James S. Reid Jr.
Retired Chief Executive Officer
The Standard Products Company

Barbara S. Schubert ’62, ’67G, ’80G
Retired Associate Director
The Ohio Ballet

Joseph D. Sullivan ’53
Retired Partner
Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP

Board of Members

V. Rev. Dr. Martin T. Connell, S.J., Ph.D., Chair, ex officio

Michael D. Johnson, Ph.D. President, ex officio

Rev. Jayme Stayer, S.J.

Rev. Bernard McAniff, S.J.

(As of June 2018)