Graduate, The Ohio State University College of Optometry

As I finished up optometry school, I realized more and more how much a John Carroll education shaped who I am. Lessons learned from beyond the walls of the classroom may become more significant than the academic rigors as time goes by. My courses in biochemistry, immunology, and physiology were the most rigorous, but in turn, were the most directly beneficial in my graduate studies. In a National Boards examination that we are required to take as optometry students, I felt very prepared and performed well in those tested subjects. While everyone else in graduate school was out buying review books, it was nice to know that I was confident in my undergraduate education and knew that I didn’t need additional help.

Research at JCU also prepared me to think critically and become better at analyzing what is in front of me. Though I am not presently involved in research, whenever a journal article or case report falls on my desk, I feel I’m applying the skills I learned while in undergraduate studies to quickly analyze the article and come away with the relevance it has to my own daily work.

While at JCU, my experiences as Student Union President also prepared me well for a career in health care. From working as a team with my fellow JCU students to working with administration, those communication and leadership skills I learned then have now transferred over to working with patients and their families. The overall Jesuit education I received allows me to think globally and better understand the patient perspective. I was able to go on two service trips to Nicaragua and Ecuador to provide eye examinations. My experience at John Carroll not only taught me how to think, but it also taught me how to provide better care for my patients.